Take part in unique corporate sport challenges in Brussels!

Who are we?

We are a group of young people passionate about sports. During our past experiences working in companies we have been using sports as a cohesive and networking tool in the core of our teams and departments. Following all these positive experiences we decided to launch Team Challenge.

What is Team Challenge?

Team Challenge is a multi-event inter-company competition which takes places into the region of Brussels. Several sport events are happening throughout the year, with different companies competing against each other. Each event is focused on one specific field and allows to its participating companies to note their points which will be recorded into a general ranking including all participating companies.

Who is Team Challenge for?

Team challenge is addressed to companies. Every company or department can enrol one or more teams in our challenge. The teams’composition is not standard, meaning that it can be adaptable according to diverse sport activities. At each event the enrolled company arrives with a team of 8 players. It is also possible to bring its supporters along.

Where does Team Challenge take place?

Different events take place in Brussels and in its close periphery. In order to provide you with a pleasant and friendly atmosphere we have selected quality sports infrastructures.

When does Team Challenge take place?

The events are taking place during the week and in the evening (after 6pm). A challenge is composed of four events than can be spread over several months or the year.

Which services are we providing our teams with?

Team Challenge is a turnkey service. We are responsible for the booking of the venues as also for the reception and the coaching in the actual days of the competition. Arbitration if needed is also ensured by professionals of the sports infrastructure. We are also responsible for the insurance and photographs. All our events finish with a buffet accessible to all participants. In order to enliven the challenge we are also taking care of all pre and post-event notifications.

Why should my company participate in Team Challenge?

Sport is a tremendous cohesion tool inside a business. The participants will have to collaborate towards a common objective and in a non-hierarchical context. Every tournament is therefore the chance to enforce team spirit. Adequate communication, self-esteem, overtaking: the values of sports influence positively and directly into good communication, job effectiveness as also into the internal and external image of the company.

Is it possible to enrol a company only into one event?

Of course it is possible to be enrolled only in one event. The new calendar for 2016 will be out from the beginning of February and will be accessible in our website. However, the participation in only one event will not allow you to be integrated in the general ranking as it is reserved to companies participating to four or more events.

Are all tournaments solely inter companies?

We are also developing tailored solutions for individual companies wishing to create events which will only be accessible to their employees.